• Development - Gamelicious offers a state of art development service for your arcade website. We produce projects based on implementation of MVC.

    We write object oriented code that is not a PHP and HTML spaghetti and keeps logics and views separate and is easy for servers to execute.

    After years and years of experience of coding Arcade website, we have developed our own framework that is build to expand allows integration of new sections and features in hours.

  • Web Design - We offer high quality interface designing services. Having worked on the gaming website for so many years, we now understand the nature of your audience.

    The interface we handcraft is clean, no cluttered yet able to hold good amount of content and easy to use for your audience.

    Apart from other visual elements when designing, we also make sure to take care of monetization of the website. We make spots for ads that blends very well with content and results in high CTR and conversion.

  • Logo/Mascot Design - Gamelicious is beyond an ordinary web design and development service. We help you create an online brand for your game website.

    We make high quality and detailed Logos and Mascots for your brand that becomes your identity online.

    The identities we have created have contributed a major part in increasing traffic from social media websites. A cute looking mascot on your Facebook and Twitter page will surely get users in visiting your website.

  • Tweaking Websites - Does your website receive huge traffic everyday and your current website is not able to keep up with this huge volume of website?

    We can help you in increasing uptime of your website and make your website faster.

    We can customize your PHP code and SQL Queries to minimize load on servers and can also implement server side caching for faster results. We can also help you in tweaking client end stuff like Javascript and CSS.


All the websites created by Gamelicious comes bundled with almost following feature. Each feature helps you increase your user base, search engine visibility and conversion of users into customers.

  • Unique Look - Every website Gamelicious creates has its unique, web 2.0 and feature rich look and feel. We just don't copy and paste our existing projects instead we try to handcraft a new empire every time.

  • User enabled - Websites by Gamelicious are user enabled. Your visitors can indulge with your website by registering/logging in. That allows you to convert returning visitors into regular users of your website.

  • Facebook Connect - To further increase your user-base, we also integrate Facebook connect in your project that results in increased traffic from social networks. We also implement many other Facebook features, for instance Like Box.

  • Comment System - All websites build by us comes with an advanced commentery system where users can post their opinion on any game page. Admin can control the comments by closing comments sitewide or for just idividual games.

  • Tagging System - Gamelicios understand your SERP needs. The tagging system we've developed allow higher SERPs, page indexing and not only that, it allow end users to search the games in a more effective and accurate way.

  • Search System - Arcade websites built by Gamelicious have very solid searching system. We use advance searching techniques and keyword algorithms to fetch results against the input by end user that accurate and relevant.

  • Web Feeds - A web feed is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content that allow users to subscribe to it. Gamelicious offers different web feed formats for your website like RSS and Atom

  • Download System - Gamelicious offers a super simple solution to sell downloadable games through your website. Downloadable games gets updated automatically daily from BigFishGames.com feeds and you get new customers daily.

  • Message System - Want your users to indulge in private chat? Gamelicious offers a simple, easy to use and secure private messagaing system in the projects build by us, which allows your users to connect with each other privately.

  • Favorite System - Websites build on top of Gamelicious platform allows user to add any content to their favorite list. This results in increase in traffic by allowing user to access a page, even they don't remember the URL of that page.

  • User Profiles - Gamelicious allow users to create their profile where they can write their bio, upload avatar, share contact informtion, show their favorites and recent acticity. Users can also choose to keep their information private.

  • And many others - Other than the above features, Gamelicious platform is a bundle of many features designed to help end user get the best online game experience and help website admin maintain a huge website with ease.