GamePress is a set of plugins and themes that let you convert WordPress into an online game website. You don’t need to design the theme, you don’t have to code the theme and plugins, you don’t even need to publish content manually. GamePress got all things covered for you.

GamePress modifies the default WordPress admin section and themes to converts posts into games. It also adds all the options that you could possibly need to run an arcade website, like game thumbnail and swf uploader and resizer. Not only that, it fetches over 10000 existing online games from 7 different sources like Mochi Games, Big Fish Games and many others.

In short, in less than 15 minutes you can have a online game website with awesome design, powerful backend and full of content.


  • Easy Installation - GamePress is very easy to install. We have packaged all the plugins and themes into zip files. After you purchase, we email you the link to download those packages. Just upload those packages via your WordPress Plugin and Theme uploader and you’re done.

  • Updates Manager - GamePress comes with a powerful update manager, once you have installed the plugins and themes and when we release version, you will see the updates on your WordPress plugin and theme manager. You can update your GamePress just by click "Update Links".

  • Game Fetcher - GamePress comes with 7 plugins that lets you fetch 10000+ games from 7 game distribution services. You can hotlink game thumbnails and swf files from the respective distribution services (recommended) or download the game thumbnails and swfs on your server as well.

  • Multiple Themes - GamePress comes with 5 awesome themes to choose from. Every theme is built using HTML 5 and CSS 3, follows web standards and have lots of Widgets and Menus. All the themes make use of modern UI techniques and uses very less images for faster loading.