Portfolio & Case Studies

Below you can find selected projects that are now authority online game websites. Take a look at our work; read the case studies how we helped our clients achieve high traffic and SERPs.

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  • Download Games 24

    Download Games 24 - Download Games 24 offers free downloadable games for PC and Mac. They were using the Bigfish's default affiliate script to fetch downloads from Bigfish.

    What they needed - They asked us to build a custom script that will allow more engagement of users with website, so the users will become returning users and eventually customers.

    What we did - We designed and developed an out of the box system for them using latest technologies that can survive perks in traffic and offers more to their users. We made a unique exiciting design for the website and developed a engine on top of BigFish APIs that automatically updates games and attach rich features with games.

    Result - The site has grown to huge extent both in terms of traffic and returning users/customers since the launch of the new version by us. Website is also good amount of traffic from Search engines due to our Search Engine friendly system we build for them.

  • Online Games 32

    Online Games 32 - Online Games 32 is an online games portal. They were using some open source Arcade script to power their website that was buggy and not fulfilling their requirements

    What they needed - We were asked to build a search engine friendly custom script loaded with many advanced features like user interaction and game preloader for better monetization.

    What we did - We designed and developed an arcade script for them that was simple and clean yet loaded with advanced features like User Interaction, Comment System, User Profiles, Tagging and many others. We also implemented Facebook Connect to help them grow their user base by attracting users who already owns a Facebook account.

    Result - The Search Engine Friendly system allowed the website to get huge traffic from search engines and features enriched website help the website to convert the traffic into returning users.

  • Arcade Finland

    Arcade Finland - Arcade.fi is an authority online gaming website in Finland. It was running on a custom made script that lacked many basic features like user registration and login etc.

    What they needed - We were hired by them to re-build website for their premium domain. Site was receiving a huge traffic already and they wanted to offer more features to their existing user base.

    What we did - We designed and coded a web 2.0 interface for the website. We implemented many advanced features in the website and made the website more usable by implementing Ajax on a large scale. Since 70% website is Ajax based, we had to write the flexible HTML markup so the markup can be re-used in both Ajax and normal pages.

    Result - Currently, our developed/designed application is under testing, and arcade.fi is still running its old script/design. We are hopeful that our application will be up soon.

  • Online Flash Games

    Online Flash Games - Online Flash Games is an authority website in online games niche. Prior to Gamelicious engine, site was running on custom php script that had very basic feature and very boring design.

    What they needed - Back in 2007, we were hired by them to revamp their ugly looking website with new features and web 2.0 design. They wanted a completely SEO friendly solution and a engine full of features that can survive huge traffic.

    What we did - That was a huge challenge to design a website with so many pages, like Member Profile, Member Area, Game Pages, Internal Messaging system but we accepted the challenge happily and using the best practices and latest tools, delivered the finest results to the client.

    Result - Since the launch of the new version, website managed to build a good user base with the help of many exciting features. Search Engine friendly system allowed them to top against many pouplar keywords.